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Food Gardening

Food Gardening is a course run by Study 365, Cavan. It is a 'Online Learning' course with a duration of 365 Days. Food Gardening gives a Course Qualification of CPD. For more information about Food Gardening at Study 365, please review the details below.

The latest trend in home gardening is food gardening

Food gardening refers to the method of growing vegetables and fruits for consumption in one’s home garden. Food gardening has become a growing concept among people with the increase in health issues related to fruits and vegetables available in the market. Food gardening reduces or avoids the usage of pesticides and fertiliser in your food. Therefore, it is proven to be a great way to enjoy healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables. It has also been found out that the fruits and vegetables grown in home gardening contains more nutrients compared to those bought from the markets. Food gardening is also economical. It is much cheaper to grow healthy fruits and vegetable in one’s garden than to buy less healthy ones from the stores.

This course is here to provide you the necessary skills and training needed to be successful at food gardening. This course will guide you in the basics of food gardening such as the planning, building and planting of fruits and vegetables to the proper maintenance of them. You will also be taught on environmentally friendly pest management to safeguard your harvest. Regardless of whether you are a professional food gardener or a beginner, this certificate course will make food gardening easier and appealing to you.

Getting Started
1. What You Need To Know Before Starting An Edible Garden?
2. Tips For Planning For Gardening Success And Build Your Garden Foundation
3. Growing Plants From Seeds And Plant Vegetables
4. Explore Low-Maintenance Garden Tips
5. Understanding Small Fruit Cultivation And Care And Grow Fruit Trees
6. Tips For Environmentally Friendly Pest Management
7. Identifying Food Harvesting Tips And Tricks
8. Difference Between The Composting And Vermico

Course outline

  • Qualification title – Certificate in Food Gardening.
  • Accreditation status – Accredited by CPD and IAP.
  • Course duration – Self-paced (module availability – 365 days)
  • Guided learning hours – 06
  • Availability – International

 Learning outcomes

  • Learn about the importance of food gardening and why the need for food gardening is increasing.
  • Understand how to plan for a successful and healthy gardening.
  • Understand the different ways of growing plants from seeds and plant vegetables.
  • Gain insight into low maintenance gardening tips.
  • Gain an understanding on cultivating small fruit and growing fruit trees.
  • Learn about environmentally friendly pest management.
  • Understand about fruit harvesting methods and tips.
  • Gain an understanding of the difference between composting and vermicomposting and how to extend your growing season.
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Training ProviderStudy 365
Course LocationAthlone, Westmeath
Course TypeOnline Learning
Course QualificationCPD
Course Duration365 Days
Course Fee29
Entry RequirementsYou must be over the age of 16 and have a basic understanding of Maths, English and ICT Individuals who are interested in learning about food gardening.
Carear PathHead chef – £25,768 per annum Gardener – £17,749 per annum Kitchen manager – £22,571 per annum Landscape gardener – £521 per annum
Course CodeS 0745
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