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Environmental Studies QQI Level 5

Environmental Studies QQI Level 5 is a course run by Limerick College of Further Education, Limerick. It is a Classroom Based course with a duration of 10 Weeks. For more information about Environmental Studies QQI Level 5 at Limerick College of Further Education, please review the details below.

This course is suitable for those interested in Environmental issues providing the
participant with a comprehension of how planet earth functions, of how humans
interact with the planet and to explore possible solutions to resulting environmental


The programme will facilitate that participant to examine and explore:

• The functioning of the earth as a series of
inter-related systems – the importance of
maintaining the healthy functioning of these
systems as the basis for a sustainable future
for the planet
• What “resources” means to include
differentiating between renewable, potentially
renewable and non-renewable resources
– natural capital, powered by solar capital
provides us with natural resources and
natural services, material and non-material
• The concepts of “sustainable yield” and
“environmental degradation
• Examine the “tragedy of the commons” and
possible solutions to the problem – overuse of
common property, resources, as outlined by
Garret Hardin.
• The current environmental concerns with
water to include some possible solutions to
the problem of water as a depleting resource
• The importance of renewable resources to
include the possibilities regarding their future
use – solar, flowing water, wind, biomass
and geothermal – renewables for future
sustainable strategy developments
• The relationship between population growth
and environmental degradation – ecological
footprint – population of planet and general
waste generation issues / solutions
• Malthusian theory of population and
environment and its adaptation for the
twenty-first century
• What is meant by lesser developed country
(LDC) and more developed country (MDC) to
include the main characteristics – resource
use and waste generation in both and
compare the two, with the use of the IPAT
• Sustainability & Sustainable development
– how the principles of sustainability might
be applied to achieve a sustainable future for
the planet and in an Irish context – explain
Agenda 21 and Local Agenda 21
• Climate Change – Global Warming – the
greenhouse effect – evaluate the main
consequences of global warming arising from
the enhanced greenhouse effect to include the
national, European and international protocol
plans to address these issues
• Biodiversity & Conservation – to include
some of the main human activities that
disrupt biodiversity, both globally and locally
– key European Union (EU) regulations on
• Explain Natura 2000 – what it means and
what it hopes to achieve – Habitats Directive
and Birds Directive – consider the success
of these directives in addressing biodiversity
loss in Europe
• Irelands Environment – key environmental
issues facing Ireland today – climate change,
water, waste, land, urban environment and
biodiversity – the EPA – the functions of the
• Regulation, Legislation & Environmental
Management – national, European and
international environmental agreements and
what they aim to achieve
• EU Action Programmes – the characteristics
of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to
include the steps that have to be taken in the
EIA process
• Evaluate the Strategic Environmental
Assessment (SEA) to include its role in
addressing some of the weaknesses of EIA
• Accredited environmental management
systems to include ISO 140001 and the EcoManagement and Audit Scheme (EMAS)

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Training ProviderLimerick College of Further Education
Course LocationLimerick
Course TypeClassroom Based
Awarding Body DetailsQQI Level 5 Minor award in Environmental Studies QQI Level 5 (5N1442)
Course Duration10 Weeks
Course TimeWED 18.45 - 21.45
Course Fee€240
Course CodeBP043
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Limerick College of Further Education

Limerick College of Further Education, Limerick, Limerick, Republic of Ireland

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