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Dressmaking (Fashion Sewing)

Dressmaking (Fashion Sewing) is a course run by Marino College, Dublin. It is a 'Practical' course with a duration of 10 weeks (max 10 places). For more information about Dressmaking (Fashion Sewing) at Marino College, please review the details below.

This course caters for those who wish to learn how to make up a pattern in fabric of their choice. Students learn how to cut out, sew, fit and finish their garment. Individual attention is given to students to cater for different levels of competence, from beginners to advanced. Beginners are advised to choose a simple pattern to enable them to learn basic sewing techniques while students at a more advanced level may choose a more complicated pattern – dress, suit, coat, etc.


Equipment for Dressmaking Course:

 Simple pattern for skirt or trousers – Simplicity, Style, Butterick or Vogue.

 Fabric to suit pattern.

 Lining to suit fabric, if required.

 Interfacing for waistband – Vilene.

 Thread to suit colour of fabric.

 Thread for tacking – contrasting colour.

 Zip to suit colour of fabric – if required.

 Scissors for cutting fabric and scissors for cutting paper (old scissors).

 Tape Measure

 Dressmaking pins

 Needles – machine and sewing needles.

 Bobbins – plastic and metal

 Taylor’s chalk – to contrast with fabric

 Seam ripper.

Students are advised to choose a reasonably simple pattern to begin with.

A skirt or simple shift dress are ideal choices for the beginner. The following patterns have been tried and tested by our students and are generally available in Hickeys Home Focus Stores. Also please be sure to seek advice when choosing your material as some fabrics can be difficult to work with.

Pattern Tops Pattern Skirts Pattern Dresses which you may consider:   Burda 2254 Burda 8280 Burda 7663 Burda 2593 Burda 8327 Burda 7517 Burda 2892 Burda 8213 Burda 7520 Burda 2186 Burda 7305 Burda 2258 Burda 2314


Tutor:  Oxana Hefferon

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Training ProviderMarino College
Course LocationMarino, Dublin
Location PostcodeDublin 3
Course TypePractical
Course Start Date13th September 2021
Course End Date29th November 2021
Course Duration10 weeks (max 10 places)
Course TimeTuesday 5.30-7.30pm
Course Fee€120
Entry RequirementsPlease not also that there are a max of 10 places on this course
Phone01 833 2100
Course Code14
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Marino College

14-20 Marino Mart, Fairview, Fairview, Dublin, Republic of Ireland


Marino College
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