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Diploma in Psychology & Counselling

Diploma in Psychology & Counselling is a course run by Career Academy, Dublin. Diploma in Psychology & Counselling gives a Course Qualification of Diploma. For more information about Diploma in Psychology & Counselling at Career Academy, please review the details below.

Understand the human mind and the counselling process with this internationally recognised qualification.

You’ll learn the theory behind the skills and techniques used to successfully help people work through their problems and issues with counselling. This includes listening, reflection, questioning and interview techniques.


This online course has been developed by psychology and counselling experts. No prior experience necessary  – start today!

PSCI1005 –  Psychology Fundamentals

  • PSCG212 – The nature and scope of psychology
  • PSCG213 – Neurological basis of behaviour
  • PSCG132 – Environmental effects on behaviour
  • PSCG113 – Consciousness and perception
  • PSCG174 – Personality
  • PSCG185 – Psychological development
  • PSCG172 – Needs, drives and motivation

PSCI1006 – Psychology & Counselling

  • PSCG205 – Stress
  • PSCG101 – Abnormal behaviour
  • PSCG144 – Individual behaviour
  • PSCG139 – Group behaviour
  • PSCG166 – Methods of dealing with abnormalities
  • PSCG112 – Conflict resolution
  • PSCG149 – Interpersonal communication skills

PSCI1003 – Counselling Skills

  • PSCG158 – Learning specific counselling skills
  • PSCG161 – Listening & bonding
  • PSCG193 – Reflection
  • PSCG190 – Questioning
  • PSCG150 – Interview techniques
  • PSCG108 – Changing beliefs and normalising
  • PSCG135 – Finding solutions
  • PSCG131-  Ending the counselling

PSCI1004 – Advanced Counselling Skills

  • PSCG211 – The Counselling Session
  • PSCG136 – Focusing on the Present
  • PSCG210 – Telephone Counselling
  • PSCG117 – Dealing with Crisis
  • PSCG178 – Problem Solving Techniques- Aggression
  • PSCG179 – Problem Solving Techniques- Depression
  • PSCG180 – Problem Solving Techniques- Grief and Loss
  • PSCG181 – Problem Solving Techniques- Suicide

PSCI1007 – Counselling Techniques

  • PSCG182 – Psychoanalytic psychotherapy l – Freud, Erikson, Jung
  • PSCG183 – Psychoanalytical psychotherapy ll – Adler
  • PSCG142 – Humanistic/Existential approaches I – Gestalt Therapy; Fritz Perls
  • PSCG141 – Humanistic/Existential approaches II – Person-Centred Counselling; Carl Rogers
  • PSCG191 – Rational behavioural therapy – Albert Ellis
  • PSCG105 – Cognitive behavioural therapy – Aaron Beck
  • PSCG202 – Behavioural therapy
  • PSCG109 – Solution-focused counselling

PSCI1008 – Professional Practice in Counselling

  • PSCG216 – Understanding Counselling
  • PSCG133 – Ethics & Confidentiality
  • PSCG217 – Understanding the Self: Self-awareness; Self-monitoring; Self-concept; Social Perception; Attribution theory.
  • PSCG175 – Personality: What is a healthy personality?; Trait approach; Psychodynamic approach; Humanistic approach; Social learning and cognitive approaches.
  • PSCG128 – Emotions & Behaviour: What are emotions?; Emotions and Counselling; Effect on communication
  • PSCG207 – Supervision: Why supervision?; Working with others; Quantity and effectiveness of supervision; Personal counselling; Dependency; Types of supervision.
  • PSCG192 – Referral Practice: Counselling v mental health issues; Secondary care counsellors; Abnormal psychology; Anxiety; Depression; Schizophrenia; Personality disorders.

Key Benefits

  • Internationally accredited by ICOES
  • Extend your understanding and learn psychology and counselling techniques
  • Learn psychology skills counsellors use to help people resolve their problems and issues
  • Developed and delivered by psychology and counselling experts
  • Receive a FREE 12-month membership to the International Association for Counselling
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Training ProviderCareer Academy
Course LocationDublin
Location PostcodeDublin 2
Course QualificationDiploma
Awarding Body DetailsDiploma in Psychology and Counselling
Course Duration300 hours. Learn at your own pace, but ideally complete this diploma in six months (ie one module per month).
Course Fee499
Phone01 437 8559
Course CodePSCI1010-1
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