Title of Course: Certificate in English Grammar

Certificate in English Grammar is course run by Irish Academy of Public Relations, Dublin. It is a 'Classroom Based' course with a duration of Four - fourteen weeks. For more information about Certificate in English Grammar at Irish Academy of Public Relations, please review the details below.

Our Certificates in English Grammar courses cover three different areas of grammar. You may choose to study all three parts, or just one part. The choice is yours.

One course – 245EUR
All three – 610EUR

Certificate in English Grammar: Syntax

Module 1: Parts of speech

Module 2: Analysis of sentences

Module 3: Mixed clause analysis

Module 4: Punctuation


Certificate in English Grammar

Module 5: Nouns (identification)

Module 6: Nouns (number and gender)

Module 7: Pronouns

Module 8: Adjectives

Module 9: Adverbs


Certificate in Advanced English Grammar

Module 10: Verbs (finite)

Module 11: Verbs (infinitives)

Module 12: Participles and gerunds

Module 13: Prepositions

Module 14: Conjunctions

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Training ProviderIrish Academy of Public Relations
Course LocationDun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland
Location PostcodeCo. Dublin
Course TypeClassroom Based
Awarding Body DetailsCertificate in English Grammar
Course Fee245 - 610
Course DurationFour - fourteen weeks
Entry RequirementsOpen to anyone
Carear PathThere are no jobs in ‘grammar’ as such, but if you have poor English it will be evident from your CV and cover letter. You are immediately disadvantaged. Good grammar nowadays is a must. For many people, their job description includes some writing – it might be the minutes of a meeting, a report or writing the ‘specials’ on a menu board outside a restaurant. Most journalists nowadays work as freelances and sell their copy to media outlets. If that copy needs to be substantially edited or amended because of grammatical errors, it is easier for the media outlet to simply use someone else the next time. The journalist has become an overhead instead of an asset. If you work in public relations, your reputation and the reputation of your clients or company depends, in part, on the written press releases, briefing documents, annual reports etc. that you issue. You cannot, in conscience, sign off on a written piece of text if you do not have a good understanding of grammar.
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Course Provider

Irish Academy of Public Relations

Harbour View 7-9 Clarence Street Dun Laoghaire, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland