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BSc (Hons) Health Care & Management Studies

BSc (Hons) Health Care & Management Studies is a course run by Portobello Institute, Dublin. For more information about BSc (Hons) Health Care & Management Studies at Portobello Institute, please review the details below.

Course Details

Studying this BSc (Hons) Health Care & Management Studies degree offers you the opportunity to join the healthcare workforce as a competent professional, trained to improve and support the health of others. There are multiple options with direct pathways to graduate medicine and pre-reg masters programmes, in a variety of healthcare disciplines.


The health sector is the third largest employer in Ireland and the demand for qualified staff is strong. The shortage of staff is particularly evident in the health therapy professions. At the same time the number of training places leading to qualifications in allied health professions is very limited. This BSc (Hons) Health Care and Management Studies  has been developed to meet the entry requirements for all major post-graduate healthcare qualifications, enabling students to achieve a desired qualification and career in their chosen profession in Ireland.

Healthcare managerial skills are also in high demand and employment growth for managers was above the national average and those employed in the administrative roles had the greatest overall increase (28%) over 5 years (Solas, 2021).

This full-time health care practice and management degree programme encompasses the skills and knowledge that are necessary to work as part of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team, to advance to a management role and/or to advance your studies to a postgraduate healthcare qualification.

A gateway to specialised healthcare

This BSc (Hons) Health Care & Management programme prepares graduates to enter the healthcare workforce and obtain employment in roles supporting the health of others. The shortage of qualified nurses and doctors has augmented the position of healthcare assistants and as a result there is significant demand for this type of roles in the sector.

Advanced entry to upskill

Additionally, if you are already employed in the health sector in a support role, you can use this degree to upskill to progress and advance your career. There are advanced entry options available for holders of QQI level 6 major award in Health Service Skills or Healthcare Support.

A number of modules fostering managing and leadership skills, will enable you to fill administrative and managerial positions in the healthcare sector.

Providing a Direct Pathway to Postgraduate Health Studies

This programme also acts as a gateway degree if you wish to pursue applied and technical roles in general health services. It provides the requisite undergraduate requirements to support you to pursue  a specialised healthcare related professions at graduate level, including the following.

  • Nursing,
  • Medicine,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Occupational Therapy,
  • Speech and Language Therapy,
  • Nutrition and Dietetics.

Portobello Institute has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with AECC University College. We are currently working through the validation processes towards delivering the MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-reg) programme in Dublin, with a start date of autumn ’24. An MSc Occupational Therapy (Pre-Reg) and MSc Speech and Language (Pre-Reg) will be available to study in Dublin from autumn ’25.

Alternatively, with the points ever increasing for undergraduate entry to most health therapy courses, many Universities have opened graduate entry professional qualifications for students who have graduated with a level 8 BSc degree with the requisite modules completed at undergraduate level. This BSc (Hons) Health Care and Management Studies meets the requirements for post graduate studies as listed above in all major universities – if you are interested in pursuing a particular programme in a specific university,  and are seeking to use this programme for entry, please check the specific requirements as they can vary. We provide individual support to each student who is hoping to pursue graduate healthcare qualifications in preparing their applications and for interview to ensure students chances of success are optimized. Many of our graduates have pursued this path and you can read about their journey in our student success section.

Develop Practical Skills and Techniques

The emphasis is put on the value of applied practice, analysis of case studies and real-life scenarios across the curriculum, followed by consolidation through reflection and application of skills in the placement context.  Sessions with guest lecturers will contribute to preparing you to deal with complexities and challenges of the world of work.

Learn from the Experts

This honours degree is delivered by a team of expert tutors who are all practicing clinicians and experienced educators. You will have personal one to one support from a personal academic tutor who is an experienced clinician and is there to to support you throughout your learning journey to achieve your personal best.

Here are some reasons to choose to study with Portobello:

  • Accelerated programme completing your undergraduate degree in three years, getting you out into the world of work faster.
  • Pathway to postgraduate study – this course is designed to meet the entry requirements of postgraduate study for all major universities offering you the opportunity to access a healthcare qualification.
  • Career focused qualifications – our courses lead to awards that offer you the opportunity of immediate employment upon graduation.
  • Notable university partners – our university partners are among the top-ranking universities in the UK offering you access to a qualification from a renowned university.
  • Reputable placements – our work experience placements are with prominent organisations, connecting you with respected employers to build your future career network.
  • Realistic entry requirements – our entry requirements are reflective of the academic ability needed to successfully complete this course. These are clearly stated and remain static regardless of demand for places.
  • Individualised support – we fit your learning model with support available when you need it throughout your learning journey.
  • SMART assessments – we use a range of assessments for each module designed to support a broad range of learning styles, giving you the opportunity to excel.
  • Industry expert tutors – our tutors are all industry practitioners connecting research and theory with industry practice throughout their lectures.
  • Condensed scheduling – we value your time by ensuring your timetable is optimised for delivery over the same 2 – 3 days, helping you maintain a part-time job.
  • Flexible delivery – we deliver theory sessions on-site, online whilst also recording the session simultaneously offering you a choice of when and how you learn.
  • City Centre Location – Commuting to Portobello is very accessible – the Luas stops outside our door, and we are located within minutes from the major transport hubs.
  • Affordable payment options – all our courses offer you the option to choose an easy payment plan supporting you to spread the cost out over your learning journey.

Why should I study this course?

Portobello Institute’s BSc (Hons) Health Care & Management Studies gives you the opportunity to attain an honours degree with the option to immediately join the workforce or to pursue postgraduate study.

Gain employment through our strong network of connections

Gaining employment as a health care professional, for many is the objective of this degree and during this programme, you have the opportunity to gain practical experience and build a network of contacts within the sector.  Companies participating in our work experience programme invest considerable time in our students and recruit directly from this placement programme.

Progress to Postgraduate Healthcare Studies

For some students, the opportunity to access postgraduate study in the areas of medicine, nursing or one of the health therapies, is their objective. This degree offers you wide and varied opportunities for post graduate study in many of the major universities.

Accessible, affordable, achievable

There is an easy payment plan designed to make this degree affordable for you. These factors, together with the one to one tutorial support, offer you the opportunity to access a career in healthcare, with a qualification that is accessible, affordable and achievable.

Who will recognise my qualification?

Upon completing this honours degree, you will hold a BSc (Hons) Health Care & Management Studies awarded by University of Essex (UoE).

During your studies, you will be registered as a student of the University of Essex.

This BSc (Hons) Health Care & Management Studies is recognised by AECC University College. for the purposes of applying to progress to one of their pre-registration masters programmes in health therapy. We are currently working through the validation processes towards delivering these programmes in Dublin, with an expected start date of autumn ’24 and ’25.

This degree carries the credits and modules required by many universities for entry to postgraduate study in the area of medicine and healthcare. As these can vary and change over time, please check the specific requirements if you have a programme and university in mind.

Practical Placement

Placement modules constitute an integral part of the programme.

Considering some may already be employed in  healthcare settings, and some settings can be in remote locations, a flexible placement supervision model has been developed to accommodate all students.

Examples of settings where you can undertake placement:

  • public or private hospital
  • primary care setting
  • community care setting
  • GP practice
  • nursing home
  • hospice

You will take undertake work placement modules in Years 2,3. These will be formally assessed and carry 40 CATS  (20 ECTS) credits.

The placement component will be assessed through completion of an e-Portfolio in years 2,3  of the Placement which will include a Learning Journal, and stage-specific tasks detailed in the module outlines.

The Difference between Blended Learning and Full Time Delivery Modes

There are two delivery mode options for this degree available in Portobello Institute giving you the freedom to choose how you will learn and making education accessible around work and life commitments.

Full-Time delivery offers you the opportunity to study with a more traditional schedule with lectures delivered on-site in Portobello during weekdays. Typically, those lectures are generally scheduled between Tuesday and Thursday. Monday’s lectures are delivered online.

Blended Learning is essentially the same, with a blend of online and on-site lectures taking place at the weekends. This makes it easier for you to study while working full-time. It also makes studying for a degree more accessible if you live outside of Dublin.

With both delivery modes, there will be lectures you need to attend on-site due to the nature of the content – practical skills etc. All online only lectures are recorded for you to catch up later. Where lectures are delivered onsite – these will simultaneously be delivered online and will also be recorded so you can customise your learning journey – attend on-site, online, or catch-up later.

Having the flexibility to choose whether you attend a lecture as it is taking place or to catch up later means you can seamlessly access and fit education into your life whilst still continuing with your everyday life.

Tutor Support

You can email your tutor at any stage during the module to ask a simple query and there will be scheduled opportunities to submit a draft of your assignment. Our programme management team are always available to meet you or offer you telephone and email support. For more information about our team, click here. Many of our past graduates have found it is the opportunity to ask a simple question, seek direction and submit a draft of their assessment that supported them most to successful completion.

This level of one-to-one support is unique and is a particular benefit to choosing Portobello Institute. We have invested in a team of programme managers and tutors who are experienced sports therapists and clinicians as well as knowledgeable educators. They are available to assist you at every stage of this programme and support you to achieve your personal best.

Online Learning Portal – ePortobello

During the induction seminar, we will show you how to navigate and find what you need with all of the information you need to complete this programme uploaded on to ePortobello. The content of this programme is set out in an easy to follow format with a combination of notes, articles, podcasts and other materials that will help you to understand the subject and complete your assessments.

Course Structure

This course is delivered over three years. During your first year you will complete six modules which will introduce you to the programme of study and provide you with essential skills that will aid your study for the course of your degree.

In second year, you will complete a total of six modules, two year long core modules which run for the duration of both semesters, alongside two additional modules each semester.

In third year, you will complete five modules, three core year long modules that run for the duration of both semesters, as well as an additional module each semester. The core modules include your final year dissertation project  and your work placement. You will have the option to choose a module related to your area of interest to complete in the first semester.

How will I be assessed?

SMART assessments – we use a range of assessments for each module designed to support a broad range of learning styles, giving you the opportunity to excel.

The primary aim of the varying assessment styles is to support you to demonstrate your knowledge of theory and practical as a result of a range of assessments.

The final year project provides the opportunity for an extended piece of formal scientific writing preparing you for your future career and the need to keep scientific based patient notes. We encourage you to reflect on your knowledge gain with a number of assignments designed to explore your learning journey.

All of these assessment methods are seeking to support you to combine theory with scenario-based learning and how to practically implement these methods into your everyday practice.

The BSc (Hons) Health Care & Management Studies course at Portobello Institute is listed in's national courses finder.
Training ProviderPortobello Institute
Course LocationDublin
Location PostcodeDublin 1
Awarding Body DetailsBSc Health Care & Management Studies awarded by University of Essex
Course Duration3 academic years
Course TimeDelivered both Fulltime and via Blended learning, there are two intakes per year - Autumn and Spring
Course Fee5195 per academic year
Entry RequirementsEntry to this course is by direct application to the college. With a Leaving Certificate Leaving Certificate requirements – Minimum of grade C or O6 in ordinary level Biology* or Physical Education, English and Maths with a pass in 3 other subjects.
Carear PathCareer prospects Employment opportunities for graduates are diverse. Upon completion of the course, you can obtain employment in in health support roles across a wide range of settings, work in administrative and managerial roles in healthcare settings, community-based advocacy organizations and health promotion initiatives, work in policy development in government departments. This course also meets entry requirements for admission to a wide range of post-graduate courses in allied health disciplines and medicine among many others.
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