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Anatomy and Physiology QQI Level 5 Online via Zoom

Anatomy and Physiology QQI Level 5 Online via Zoom is a course run by Forus Training, Westmeath. It is a Online Learning course with a duration of 7 weeks. Anatomy and Physiology QQI Level 5 Online via Zoom gives a Course Qualification of Level 5 Certificate, awarded by QQI. For more information about Anatomy and Physiology QQI Level 5 Online via Zoom at Forus Training, please review the details below.

Are you interested in studying Anatomy and Physiology? Forus Training’s Level 5 Anatomy and Physiology course is starting on September 7th 2022 for €295.
This 7 week course provides a solid introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the human body. An understanding of anatomy and physiology is an essential resource for all those working in beauty therapy, complementary therapy, sports therapy, nursing and paramedicine.
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Throughout this course, you will…


  • Differentiate between Anatomy and Physiology,
  • Describe the structure and function of a typical animal cell and its organelles,
  • Classify tissues into the four main groups; epithelial, connective, muscle and nervous tissue, identifying the different tissues within each classification,
  • Differentiate between benign and malignant tumours,
  • Outline the composition of bone, including the functions of the skeleton, the main bones of the appendicular and axial skeleton and the structure of a typical long bone,
  • Identify the major categories and functions of joints, differentiating between the four types of synovial joints,
  • Identify the main muscles of the body, differentiating between the three types of muscle and the interconnections between the skeletal and muscular systems in body movement,
  • Outline the structure and function of blood and its role in maintaining immunity both active and passive,
  • Describe the function of the heart including, the structure of arteries, veins and capillaries, the cardiac cycle and the flow of blood through the main blood vessels and blood pressure,
  • Identify the component parts of the lymphatic system, its functions and its relationship with the blood system,
  • Identify the parts of the digestive system, including its associated organs and their function, the parts of the stomach and the functions of each of the four layers of the alimentary canal,
  • Outline the composition of protein, fats and carbohydrate and the process of absorption and the assimilation and metabolism of the breakdown products of digestion,
  • Describe the structure and identify the parts of the respiratory system,
  • Describe the role of muscles, blood and the nervous system in the breathing process,
  • Explain the process of gas exchange in the alveoli,
  • Describe the male and female reproductive systems including; the function of each reproductive organ and the role of hormones in the reproductive process,
  • Explain the terms insemination, fertilisation and implantation and the development of the embryo in the first trimester,
  • Explain the function of the main parts of the brain and how a nerve impulse travels along the nervous system,
  • Differentiate between the Central, Peripheral and Autonomic Nervous Systems, explaining, how reflex action works,
  • Differentiate between endocrine and exocrine glands,
  • Explain the role of hormones in metabolic processes, including the effects of oversecretion and or undersecretion of insulin, thyrosine and growth hormone and the difference between a nervous system and a hormonal system,
  • Explain the urinary system, outlining the gross and microscopic (nephron) structure and function of the kidney,
  • Outline the structure of the skin, including its key parts, main functions and the relationship between the skin, the circulatory system and the nervous system,
  • Reflect on the role of the human body and the interrelationship between the systems of the body.



The course is assessed in the following ways:

  • Assignment 40%
  • Examination – Theory 60%


Why Forus Training?

At Forus Training, we have many different supports available for your learning:

  • Learners have access to a Learning Management System (LMS). You will be given an account and a full induction on how the course works and how to access all available resources. The LMS includes all session slideshows and related quizzes, and extra course material (where applicable),
  • We also offer a Learner Pack (optional extra with Self Paced) which includes a letter introducing the trainer, the assessment brief, a learner record document, printed LMS slideshows for reference, and accompanying manual / notes to support further learning,
  • Live tutorial sessions are held via Zoom. Our trainers are skilled and experienced in making live sessions engaging and interactive. All tutorials are recorded so that you can go back and re-watch which is especially useful when working on assessments,
  • Other course providers tend to not offer continued support to their learners. Our trainers open numerous doors to our learners. These include opportunities for discussion and feedback, and opportunities to bring up areas that need further assistance or support. They also offer additional education and learning activities, assessment support, opportunities to submit drafts, and meetings before or after class to answer queries that cannot be covered in the session (by appointment).


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Training ProviderForus Training
Course LocationMullingar, Westmeath
Course TypeOnline Learning
Course QualificationLevel 5 Certificate
Awarding BodyQQI
Awarding Body DetailsAnatomy and Physiology
Course Start Date7th September 2022
Course End Date19th October 2022
Course Duration7 weeks
Course TimeThe course is accessible online, with a mixture of virtual sessions and self directed learning. Tutor support is provided throughout the course.
Course Fee295
Entry RequirementsThis course is open to anyone interested in doing it provided you fulfil some or one of the following criteria: Have completed the Leaving Certificate, and/or You may also be eligible if you have relevant life and work experience, in this case you may need to speak to the tutor and discuss your previous work experience or furnish the tutor with a CV and work references.
Carear PathThis course leads to an award on the National Framework of Qualifications. Students who successfully complete this programme may use their credits towards completing a higher level of study. Students who successfully complete this Major Award can also use the Certificate as the basis for entry into selected courses in Third Level Colleges and Universities.
Course Code5N0749
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