Course Description

AI Enhanced Communications (Chat GPT)

AI Enhanced Communications (Chat GPT) is a course run by Irish Academy of Public Relations, Dublin. It is a Webinar course with a duration of Based on client needs. For more information about AI Enhanced Communications (Chat GPT) at Irish Academy of Public Relations, please review the details below.

Course Description

In this training course, PR and communication professionals will learn how to effectively use Chat GPT, a powerful language model, to enhance their communication strategies, engage with audiences, and manage public relations effectively. Participants will gain hands-on experience in leveraging Chat GPT’s capabilities to craft compelling messages, handle crisis communication, improve customer interactions, and much more. Additionally, participants will explore the legal and data protection implications of using Chat GPT in PR and communication practices. attendees will be equipped with the skills needed to leverage Chat GPT for comprehensive PR and communication purposes while maintaining legal and ethical compliance.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to AI in communications and give an overview of Chat GPT
  • Using Chat GPT for Content Creation and Copywriting
  • Using Chat GPT for Research and Analysis
  • Limitations and Ethical Considerations of Chat GPT
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Training ProviderIrish Academy of Public Relations
Course LocationDublin
Location PostcodeCo. Dublin
Course TypeWebinar
Awarding Body DetailsCertificate in Chat GPT Enhanced Communications
Course DurationBased on client needs
Course TimeDuration: The duration of the training will be determined by the client’s needs and which areas they wish to focus on. Our training programmes range from a half day’s training to as many full days as are required. These can be spread over a number of weeks to suit the learner’s work commitments. Format: In person or by webinar Fee: Varies based on the duration of the training
Course FeeBased on client needs
Entry RequirementsThis training is available and suitable for anyone wishing to streamline their workflows and benefit for the latest technological developments
Carear PathEnhancement of current skills
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