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Advanced Diploma in Computer Programming (Advanced Java)

Advanced Diploma in Computer Programming (Advanced Java) is a course run by IBAT College, Dublin, Dublin. It is a 'Classroom Based' course with a duration of 11 weeks. Advanced Diploma in Computer Programming (Advanced Java) gives a Course Qualification of Diploma. For more information about Advanced Diploma in Computer Programming (Advanced Java) at IBAT College, Dublin, please review the details below.

Java is a powerful language for cross-platform, object-oriented application programming. It can be found in many types of applications such as standalone, web, enterprise solutions. It’s one of the most in-demand programming languages, a standard for enterprise software, web-based content, games and mobile apps, as well as the Android operating system. Java is designed to work across multiple software platforms, meaning a program written on Mac OS X, for example, could also run in a Windows environment.
More than 800,000 Java programmers are using their knowledge, skills and expertise learned through varies courses to improve their job prospects, earn more money and become more valuable employees. There are over 3 billion devices running Java worldwide; the world’s top companies rely on Java Programmers to build and maintain these critical applications, as such companies across all sectors have shown an increased demand for ICT Professionals that are skilled in Java Programming. As a consequence both Java and .Net are the most sought-after skill in the IT recruitment market.

This course is designed for those who are already familiar with the Java language basics and topics. The Advanced Programming Course with many advanced topics including JavaBeans, Servlet Programming, Java Database Connectivity, Remote Method Invocation, and JavaFX. Other major topics in this course include Network Programming Serialization, Properties, Security, the Collection Classes and Architectures.

Students will learn how to enhance development functionality to create World Wide Web applications using Java run-time class libraries. Student will take advantage of Java’s powerful classes to build truly object-oriented applications. Students will learn how to ensure the security of your applications with Java’s built-in security safeguards and write multi-threaded Java applications that safely manage concurrent access to application state.

Students will learn the I/O streams model, file handling, and object serialization, and learn to use streams to communicate over network sockets and use the reflection API and dynamic proxies for highly generic tasks, discovery, or code-generation.

Students will learn how to develop complex GUI designs utilising JavaFX graphics and media packages for the design, create, test, debug, and deploy rich client applications that operate consistently across diverse platforms

Student will learn Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) with relational database, as well as robust Java networking for distributed applications using Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and TCP/IP sockets.

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Training ProviderIBAT College, Dublin
Course LocationDublin
Location PostcodeDublin 2
Course TypeClassroom Based
Course QualificationDiploma
Awarding Body DetailsAdvanced Diploma in Computer Programming (Advanced Java)
Course Start Date25th September 2019
Course End Date4th December 2019
Course Duration11 weeks
Course TimeThursday 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm
Course Fee€1195
Entry RequirementsIf you currently have experience in Java or an equivalent qualification you are eligible for the course. Students are expected to have a firm grasp of programming concepts such as loops, functions, and data structures, including a cursory knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts.
Carear PathCurrent forecasts about the future of the computing industry in Ireland are excellent. During the past decade, Ireland has gained increasing recognition as Europe’s premier location for software development. Since the 1980s, most leading US software vendors, including Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Facebook and Symantec, have based their European operations centres in Ireland. The country has also become the number one site for software development in Europe with the big players such as Microsoft, Google, EBay, Symantec and Amazon based in Ireland. This course will serve as an excellent, comprehensive and intensive course in programming; employers are willing pay a premium for those who can demonstrate advanced technical and development skills in Java. This course will also prepare students for the Java SE 7 Fundamentals Certification exam by Oracle, which is the required first step towards Java Professional Certification.
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