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Abstract Painting (4 day course)

Abstract Painting (4 day course) is a course run by East Coast Art Studios, Dublin. It is a Classroom Based course with a duration of 4 days over 6 weeks. Abstract Painting (4 day course) gives a Course Qualification of Non-Certified. For more information about Abstract Painting (4 day course) at East Coast Art Studios, please review the details below.

You can do this Abstract Painting 4 day course over any 6 week period all year round!

Provide all 4 dates or your first 2 dates at time of booking on the booking page We can arrange your next 2 dates with you in the studio if you are unsure of your timetable. All dates once booked are fixed and final and cannot be changed, see conditions.

  • 4 full days – Any Wednesday & Saturday full day 10-4.

Date/ Time – available all year round 4 day Curriculum. Choose your own 4 dates on any Wednesdays/ Saturdays . 10-4 Over any 6 week period.

Materials Included – Oil paint, medium, drawing materials and 2 canvas.

Skill Level – suited to all levels

Conditions of Booking – Please book all your sessions within any 6 week period all year round . Provide 2 dates at time of booking in box below. The remaining 2 dates can be arranged with us in the studio.

Abstraction & Expressionism

To travel the road of abstraction and expressionism one has to in a sense get lost in the wood and for the first time when you calm down and realise you are alone you start to observe things you never noticed before such as sounds, smells, patterns and textures amongst the flora and fauna around you.

Translating visual reality into another reality is essentially what this journey is. These explorations can be both emotional and rational paintings which try to understand different aesthetic questions.

What questions interest you will determine the art work you create at any given time.

When you start to see this new language you are playing with as something that can perhaps be measured and definite. The rhythm and movements you choose can become a visual architecture with weight and counter weights that bring a balance or unbalance to the visual strata of the surface and in turn the viewers eyes. You can become the director of the scene or at least an intuitive by-stander coming along for the ride of where color, form and rhythm take you.

You can also wish to be lost sometimes and not know what will happen Many great discoveries in abstraction in art history are borne out of this approach such as Mark Rothko and Lee Krasner.

Many times it is the search that becomes the art work the research becomes the finished piece. That is of course if an abstract work is ever complete or if it is ever the artistic outcome ….

The workshop includes live demonstration by Eoin Llewellyn, as well as ongoing assistance with your work and answers to any questions that arise as you are painting Pick 4 days of your choosing on any Wednesday or/& Saturday over a 6 week period to suit your own timetable. The workshop hours (10:00-16:00 includes a one-hour break for lunch).


When you complete this initial workshop we would advice to do another course and hone in on the areas that started to interest you. Clients can also avail to join the EVENING CLASSES or the DAYTIME CLASSES on Wednesdays & Saturdays. In these sessions, you can develop your practice throughout the year and focus on whatever subjects and techniques are of interest to you, either in contemporary or classical painting and drawing. We also recommend you do the drawing course as drawing underpins all painting.

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Training ProviderEast Coast Art Studios
Course LocationDun Laoghaire, Dublin
Course TypeClassroom Based
Course QualificationNon-Certified
Course Duration4 days over 6 weeks
Course Timeall year round over 6 week period. Wednesdays and Saturdays' 10-4
Course Fee300
Entry Requirementsopen to all
Carear Pathart career and quality home practice
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East Coast Art Studios

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