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Mindstream Life Coach Training

The Research Centre, National College of Ireland, Mayor Street,, IFSC, National Colege Of Ireland,, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Mindstream is Ireland’s longest established provider of professional training courses in life coaching. We also offer the powerful Mindstream Method for self empowerment and personal change and life coaching courses.

Life Coaching is one of the most effective modalities to intentionally and consciously create life-changing decisions and then as a means to nurture those decisions into a life-experience. Using a Life Coach can not only enhance the experience but insure those changes occur in the most efficient way possible and also to encourage self-empowerment, that is to create awareness of the higher-self and one s creative ability.Seann Farrell set up Mindstream to train life coaches in 2001. Seann brought his life experience, his experience as a practising psychotherapist and hypnotherapist since 1997 and some 5,000 hours of coaching to create the course. The accredited Life Coaching courses combine sports psychology, modern-day therapies such as CBT, spirituality and mindfulness. The training programmes considers everyone as a holistic being, mind, body and soul. The motivation behind the Mindstream programmes, is to provide each participant with core coaching skills to bring to their own lives, to assist others plan and manifest life goals, to deal with the difficulties one encounters on a life-journey and to a more peaceful state-of-mind which allows a life of more energy and happiness.

Life Coaching Certificate

The weekend Certificate in Life Coaching is a stand-alone qualification accredited by the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring. You will learn the core coaching skills required to create and manifest life goals for oneself or to assist another. and make positive change from Ireland’s longest established life coaching trainer. It is also Step 1…

Life Coaching Diploma

The accredited Diploma in Life Coaching is step 2 of the journey. Step 1 is to complete the weekend Certificate in Life Coaching and on successful completion to undertake an additional 6 x Saturdays training. These are usually 3 x weeks apart to allow you to undertake the various coaching exercises. The diploma is fully…