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Irish College of Humanities & Applied Sciences

061 330459
Walton House, National Technology Park,, Dublin, Castletroy, Limerick, Republic of Ireland

The Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences, ICHAS, is one of the most progressive colleges in Ireland, running courses in humanities and and applied sciences.

All our humanities and applied sciences courses are accredited and awarded by Quality and Qualification Ireland and are recognised by employers both in Ireland and abroad.

Learning is at the centre of our life in the college and as a student you will be fully supported throughout your educational journey with our coursers. Two themes that run throughout the college are flexible and affordable education for all. Students who participate on courses at The Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences, ICHAS, have a variety of approaches and ways in which to study and complete their course. The college utilises blended learning in many of our course modules. Blended learning incorporates online study with face-to-face lectures.

Whether you are returning to education as a mature student or entering third-level education for the first time, ICHAS will support your learning. The College is dedicated to the delivery of high–quality programmes in the areas of counselling, childcare and youth studies, business studies, spirituality and wellbeing.  All of our courses are designed to allow students to balance their personal life and work commitments with study.  Our academic team will provide you with the resources and support necessary to achieve your goals in the course you have chosen.

For more information about courses at The Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences, ICHAS, view our course listings below in the Course Finder.

B.A in Counselling Skills and Addiction Studies

Study this Addiction Studies course with ICHAS. Addiction affects all areas of our society at all levels and its effects on individuals, families and society in general can be devastating. Career opportunities in this area has grown  in Ireland in the last few years. Trained professionals are required as part of the National Strategy to…

Certificate in Childcare (FETAC Level 5)

This FETAC Level 5 programme is offered at ICHAS on a full-time and part-time basis. The programme is designed to emphasise the integrated nature of work with young children. It prepares graduates for employment in a wide range of settings with different professionals and volunteers, recognising and valuing the importance of all of them in…

Childhood and Adolescent Studies (Masters)

This programme is designed for those who want to develop skills in the area of childhood & adolescent care. Higher order professional practice is largely dependent on the capacity of practitioners to integrate theory and practice in a reflective manner and the development of reflective capabilities is central to this programme. Participants will have a…

Clinical Supervision in Professional Practice (Masters)

This Clinical Supervision course will teach students how to treat people suffering from addiction. Clinical supervision is an emerging area of cross disciplinary practice in a range of different professional disciplines, especially health and social care areas of practice. Professional supervision is increasingly being recognized as a necessary support structure that is mandated in a…

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) (Masters)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an evidence based intervention that is recognised across the broad area of health and social care as an approach that can deal effectively with issues within psychotherapeutic practice either on its own or in combination with pharmacological or other interventions.The programme will enable the learner to develop the skills, knowledge, attitude…

Counselling and Pastoral Care (Masters)

The M.A. in Counselling and Pastoral Care is designed to prepare students to be competent and effective practitioners in pastoral care embedded in counselling principles. The programme develops competence through in-depth study, meaningful structured reflection and the integration of theory with experiential learning through practice

Counselling and Psychotherapy (BA Hons)

This level 8 add-on programme provides the learner with the technical skills and competencies to work as a professional counsellor. It provides the learner with insight and knowledge of the latest approaches to counselling interventions across a range of specialist areas. The programme emphasises both a therapeutic and social model of counselling, offering graduates’ greater…

Counselling and Psychotherapy (Masters)

The M.A in Counselling and Psychotherapy programme will enable learners to develop the conceptual framework, advanced knowledge and practical skills necessary for productive careers in a number of functional areas of Counselling and Psychotherapy and Addiction Studies It will provide them with the knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of Counselling and Psychotherapy underpinned by…

Leadership and Management in Professional Practice (Masters)

The Masters in Leadership and Management in Professional Practice is distinguished by its emphasis on Leadership and Management in Professional contexts. Whether it is teachers wishing to become school principals, nurses aiming to become practice managers, social workers as sectorial managers etc, this programme is targeted to meet the specific needs of the learner within…

Supervision in Childcare (FETAC Level 6)

This programme equips graduates with the skills & knowledge to work effectively with staff, young children and their families. The course is ideal for those wishing to obtain a nationally accredited award in Childcare at supervisory level and is also of interest to those who are currently working or aspiring to work as a supervisor…