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Go Motion Academy

G.E.C., Taylor's Lane, Dublin City South, Dublin, Ireland

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Go Motion Academy is a Dublin-based company providing expert training to business in video for social media, digital marketing and internal communications. They provide people with a comprehensive set of camera & editing skills to enable them to devise, plan and implement engaging video that relays the right messages to the right audience on the right platforms.

Using smartphones and laptops running software and freeware, participants gain a range of practical competencies in presentation skills, scripting, camera techniques, editing and publishing best practices. This practical training is always informed by the latest thinking about global digital content trends.

But you won’t just learn technical skills. They’ll give you the editorial insight to tell a story really well, and the ability to further enhance it. You’ll be able to film and edit your own video content to an excellent standard, with easy software that you can start using straight away.

  • They unpack the language and grammar of video for content creators.
  • They train total beginners in hands-on video production.
  • Their courses are tried and tested, and they get results.
Masterclass in Camera & Editing Skills

Masterclass in Camera & Editing Skills – Two-Day Workshop In this course, you’ll learn the basics of making simple professional-looking social video – as well as techniques around specific types of content, like thought-leadership, demos, tutorials, interviews and everything in between You’ll also learn to edit video with the same principles and techniques used in…