Youth Symposium: BOREDOM REBELLION at Science Gallery

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The Youth Symposium is the annual gathering of advisors, mediators, staff and core audiences of Science Gallery.This year the Youth Symposium takes place from 29 – 31 JAN 2021.

The Youth Symposium will deliver a BOREDOM REBELLION programme of workshops, performances, and talks that will connect young people across the world to explore how active boredom sparks collaborative creativity. Reimagine your bedroom with AI-driven tools or envision the world through afro-futurist lenses in a card building game; all from the comfort of your home.

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BOREDOM REBELLION is Science Gallery’s 2021 iteration of their annual Youth Symposium — a gathering of advisors, mediators, staff and core audiences of Science Gallery. Youth Symposium participants trust Science Gallery to take action on pressing issues that include climate crisis, mental health, ethics and technology. And they trust Science Gallery to be a truly global network. The gallery space is too small for them: the Youth Symposium participants want Science Gallery to achieve an impact that is much larger than the walls of the gallery. They dare to look far beyond where we can see.

This year, explore scientific language in a theatrical way, convert your social media data into visual designs, get closer to nature by making biodegradable seedling pots, challenge your trust in science in a live podcast, design a theme park exploring radical models of accessibility, push your creativity through randomness, experience the cultural value of food and document your memories for future generations, and perform in an immersive theatre play to reflect on data privacy. And more to come!

*This event is intended for individuals 18+.


A Comedian’s Class on Group Creativity: How to “Yes, And” Your Way To Better Collaboration: Join comedian Jesse Appell for this workshop on how to use the communication skills behind improvisational comedy to better your teamwork and creative communication.

Afro-Rithms from the Future: Play an elaborative storytelling game on World Building.

Contagious ideas: Participate in a design lab – a place where you can cook up new ideas and experiment with them. Select and work on a design challenge from ideation all the way through to testing.

Democracy.Privacy.Security: Join us on this journey to discover how data may be potentially misused and imagine an overarching entity gathering all your information and creating lived experiences for you.

Digital Relationships: Explore the process behind creating visual information from raw data and walk through the creation of the personalised visualisations of your own social media using an interactive website.

From Boredom to Wisdom: Participate in a (live) podcast with one of Erasmus MC’s most prestigious scientist in the field of psychiatry, seeking the link between boredom and creativity.

INFINITE SCROLLING: Dive into the depths of disattention, reflecting on the question: why do we keep scrolling on our social media accounts? Participants will be asked to look at their own experiences with technology and social media.

Making Boredom Disappear: Experiment on this interactive paper crafting workshop focusing on how we can make our own fun at home with recycled materials without having to rely on special equipment, expensive materials, a lot of space or on other people.

Passing the Baton for an Edible Relay: Take a deeper look into your relationship with food and how it influences your thoughts and personality with the creation of an interactive dinner table.

Radical Access Theme Park: Create a world of joy, a conceptual radical-access theme park.

Radical Randomness: An Exploration of the Stochastic Creative Process: Explore your creativity in a chaotic ecosystem by inviting randomness into the writer’s room.

‘Speculative Thinking – imagining possible futures in times of isolation’: Share experiences in a blend of creative writing and research while being guided through the process of speculative design.

Stillness and the Creative Mindset: Join us in an immersive two-step workshop that begins with a guided meditation, that should put the audience in a mindset that is conducive for creativity, followed by a world-building activity afterwards

Struth!: Play Struth!, a game of ‘truth or lie’ designed to light-heartedly help players confront the ease with which science can be misconstrued, misunderstood, or just plain old misrepresented, especially on the internet.

The Neuroplasticity of Theatre: Create with the intersection of science and theatre and explore what impact this connection can have on the brains of an audience.

The Ultimate BORED-GAME: Have fun with the Ultimate BORED-game, exploring boredom through youth issues

Try This at Home: Go on an adventure to reimagine your built environment. Through conversations between AI and the workshop’s facilitators, create poem-like texts, artworks and fantastical landscapes to reinterpret our domestic spaces.

Science Gallery Detroit’s GAME: Participate in this Jeopardy Session that involves creating “boredom trading cards” that invites a conversation around combatting boredom.

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