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DBS, in partnership with the Irish Pharmacy Union, are offering a new Executive Diploma in Strategic Pharmacy Business Management. The Diploma runs over 2 full days (consecutive) per month, from 10am – 5pm and runs from  October 2021 – April 2022.

This Executive Diploma in Strategic Pharmacy Business Management is suitable for Pharmacists who want to learn the skills required to succeed in this field while dealing with the challenges that the sector is presenting to them.

Pharmacists will gain an understanding of decision-making under uncertainty, the variations in strategy among individuals when there is no “right” or “wrong” path, and then some guidance about the sorts of trade-offs various decisions and strategies engender.

This course introduces these multiple learning objectives in a powerful way, giving Pharmacists all the different skills required to become a successful Business Manager.

Programme Aims and Objectives

The primary objective of this programme is to build and enhance the business capability of pharmacists and business owners as part of both the IPU’s and independent pharmacy strategic objectives for 2021 and into the future.

The key objectives of the programme are as follows:

Enable learners to critically evaluate and review relevant theories, concepts, frameworks, models and key issues in the field of pharmacy retail strategy.

Provide an overview of consumer’s decision-making processes, the influences upon consumers’ behaviour in a broad sense and their implications for marketing.

Equip learners with an understanding of how market environments affect organisations marketing strategies.

Assist learners to understand the fundamentals of organisational behaviour enabling them to appreciate the underpinning of professional management practices.

Enable learners to develop skills to interpret retail data and express its value visually through the use of case studies and datasets.

Demonstrate an understanding of the obligations and limitations imposed by the law on the operation of a retail business.

Provide a framework from which students can analyse the issues involved in applied management practice through a retail business simulation.

Explore how procurement and supply chain management can add value, enhance organisational performance and be a source of sustainable competitive advantage to a retail organisation.

Provide learners’ with an understanding of the core objectives of financial management.


Click here for the Executive Diploma in Strategic Pharmacy Business Management timetable.


To meet the requirements of the Diploma in Strategic Pharmacy Business Management, a Pharmacist will be required to complete continuous assessment for all subjects and a final project.

Please note this programme is not on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

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