Diploma in Software Development at Kerry College

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A fully-funded, 24-week, Diploma in Software Development at Kerry College is starting 12th June 2023. This is a great opportunity to study in an accelerated format and full-time, including taking your career to the next level.

This is a globally recognised accelerated qualification for those who wish to start work as a junior software developer. Successful applicants will complete a 5-day coding challenge and recruitment interview.

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Diploma in Software Development at Kerry College

What will I study?


  • Induction to Course (005232)
  • HTML Essentials (LC9002-1)
  • CSS Essentials (LC9002-2)
  • Comparative Programming Languages (LC9002-3)
  • JavaScript Essentials (LC9002-4)
  • Full Stack Toolkit (LC9002-5)
  • Ecommerce Applications (LC9002-6)
  • Python Essentials (LC9002-7)


Why should I apply?


  • Develop knowledge and skills in the design, development and testing of code solutions to problems.
  • Develop competence in the application of frameworks and code libraries to optimise the production and testing of code solutions.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of systems for storing data and acquire skills in accessing and integrating data from various sources.
  • Develop an understanding of the characteristics of user interfaces and implement solution that meet user requirements.
  • Develop competence in the deployment of web-based information systems that are secure.
  • Develop specialist competencies in the implementation of software development solutions.
  • Be prepared for employment in a software development role at a professional level.
  • Develop awareness of the business context when developing and marketing a software application.


What are the employment opportunities?

The course content is extremely practical and is designed to meet current industry needs by developing proficiency in the most sought-after development languages and tools.

Learning is achieved through a series of immersive projects supported by lectures, online tutoring, mentoring, webinars and workshops.

Learners will demonstrate proficiency in Full Stack web development through collaboration with other programmers, through extensive practical work and team exercises and by completing a final portfolio of three project assignments.

About Kerry College

Kerry College is Ireland’s first and only integrated provider of Further Education and Training. We offer clear routes to employment, third level and apprenticeship. With five campuses to choose from and up to 180 courses across the board, there is something for everybody.

Let’s explore the future of you and unlock your potential!

Study, learn, explore and unlock your potential at campus locations that are connected to the local communities with instructors, teachers, tutors and support staff that keep you focused, on-track and happy.

Prospective learners/students may follow their chosen Further Education and Training course at one of our five campus locations:

  • Clash Road Campus– offers 50 courses for progression and employment in a variety of fields of learning. Our Clash Road Campus has a long and storied history of achievement in further education and training in County Kerry. Located on the Killarney side of Tralee town at Clash Road, just beyond the railway gates – 40 full-time courses for progression and employment are based here. The new Kerry College of Beauty is also located on this campus.
  • Denny Street Campus– a new addition to Tralee Town Centre, all social care and nursing programmes are delivered here. Kerry College’s new town centre campus is located in a striking Georgian building on Denny Street – Tralee’s most elegant thoroughfare. It bears the name of Edward Denny who was granted the town by Queen Elizabeth some years after a local revolt which resulted in Tralee and its Great Castle razed to the ground. Denny Street itself was completed in 1826 on the site of the Castle.
  • Listowel Campus– a key further education and training hub for North Kerry. It is home to a range of courses for progression and employment. Listowel – heritage town, market town and literary hub of North Kerry on the banks of the River Feale, has a long history dating back to the 14th century. Home to the Fitzmaurice clan, the town was built around Listowel Castle, St. John’s Church and its Market Square.
  • Monavalley Campus– offers 80 courses for progression and employment. All Kerry based Phase 2 apprenticeships are run at this campus. The Monavalley Campus is known to generations of people from Kerry and beyond for its excellence in apprenticeship and skills training which goes back to the founding of AnCo in the 1960s.
  • National Outdoor Education and Training Campus – Located at Cappanalea just outside Killorglin, this Kerry College campus is home to the National Centre for Outdoor Education and Training. Programmes offered here focus on personal and professional development through the medium of adventure sports where students develop their hidden talents and skills. We use adventure education and outdoor / wilderness experiences to enhance the learning outcomes.


Why Us?

  • Unique

We run a range of innovative full-time and part-time programmes you won’t find anywhere else in Ireland.

  • Excellence

Many of our programmes are award-winning at regional, national and international level.

  • Experience

We have a strong track record in preparing students and apprentices for employment, further study or university progression.

  • Big & Friendly

Although we are 4000 strong (students and apprentices), each campus feels homely and friendly. That’s why Kerry College is the perfect first step away from home. Whether it’s an apprenticeship or a course that will take you further afield – you’ll feel safe, connected and happy here.

  • Tech Sector

Kerry is home to a cluster of large scale and small scale finance, science and technology companies. There’s so much innovation and endeavour.


Key Facts


You won’t have to worry too much about getting suitable, affordable accommodation in Kerry. It’s one of the big benefits of moving here or within the County to study.

Fees and Grants

Our courses for employment are free. If you can attend full time, you can apply for a place.

Despite not qualifying for funding or a grant, you may still get a travel payment (if you live more than 3 miles/5km away from the campus location) or an accommodation payment (if you live more than 20 miles/32km away from the campus location). Our courses for progression cost 130 euro.

At present, the travel or accommodation payment is not part of these courses. Kerry College has abolished all online application fees and is working to make Further Education & Training free for everyone in County Kerry.

Student Supports

If you are already on a qualifying DEASP payment, you can continue to receive this while on any of our courses for employment. You must complete and sign an F103 form and bring it with you on the first day of the course.

If you are attending a course for progression, you may qualify for a SUSI Grant (via www.susi.ie) or a Back to Education Allowance (via INTREO/DEASP). Enquire directly to SUSI or INTREO for further details. The NCS (National Childcare Scheme) is now in place and provides childcare supports for those on full-time education and training programmes. Full details can be found on the www.ncs.gov.ie webpage.

Transport Links

No traffic jams. No tailbacks. No rush hour. An excellent community transport network called the Kerry Flyer which operates a range of routes that all stop at our campuses.


Apply now and explore the future of you!




What is Software Development?

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