5 Gadgets for Students This Christmas

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As the temperature drops around us and December knocks on the door – it’s time to fend off those Winter blues and think about treating yourself this Christmas and putting an early word in for gifts that you want. What could be better than a bright shiny new gadget that will improve your life in college? Below we take a look at 5 Gadgets for Students This Christmas.

5 Gadgets for Students This Christmas

Portable Hard Drive 

It’s essential these days to have a great external hard drive -not only does it provide the comforting feeling of safety allowing you to back up all those important notes, essays, assignments and files, but it also means that you don’t have to clog up your laptop with them and risk slowing your computer’s performance down. Best to let your computer do what it does best and don’t compromise it by using it as storage.

We like WD My Passport (5TB)

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Once you’ve tried these there’s no going back. A decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones are great to help you study. Whether it’s flatmates making noise, neighbours having endless parties, builders drilling into roads or car alarms going off, it’s hard to concentrate and study with disturbing noises running around your head. Reclaim the silence and keep the noises out with a good pair of headphones and  prepare to jump out of your skin when someone taps you on the shoulder after calling out your name for 5 minutes.

We like Sony WH-1000XM4

Bluetooth Speaker

This time you’re the one making the noise. Bluetooth speakers are the perfect way to bring quality sound with you anywhere you go. Bust up the bass and transform your phone into a sound system. They provide great versatility and let’s face it – anything that rids your life of cables and leads is a thing of beauty. Just please do not use on public transport – not everyone likes deathcore.

We like Dali Katch G2

Laptop Stand

You’ll be using your laptop a lot in college and a laptop stand is great for looking after your posture as most laptops are not designed well for everyday use.When using a laptop on your knee, you may notice when you use your laptop on a low table or in your lap that that your back and neck will soon begin to feel uncomfortable. This is because we are putting too much unnatural pressure on our back and neck by straining our neck to look down at the machine. Laptop trays are a great way to bring the screen up to eye level which is where it should be. Invest in one now and protect your posture and reduce upper body tension.

We like Babacom Laptop Stand

Laptop Backpack

As a student you’re doing a lot of moving around usually with your laptop in your bag. You have to be sure your laptop is protected from the constant movement plus putting the back down. You can’t just shove your laptop into any old bag and then wonder why it’s not working one day! You have to protect it – and the best way to do this is get yourself a travel laptop backpack. A good laptop backpack should have multiple pockets and spaces to store all of your bits and bobs and look out for features such as a Headphone cable pocket to make your life even better.

We like Yorepek Travel Laptop Backpack


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